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Finally… Phonebook gets social

I have always believed that mobile phone is the best platform for socializing because the Phonebook already contains all the contacts that you care about, now you might go on binges and vampire bites with your 1000+ contacts on Facebook … Continue reading

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Mobile is quickly becoming a lifestyle assistant

Image via Wikipedia Mobile phone is not just a mere communication tool anymore. With advancements in technology and lowering costs, new generation mobile phones are highly advanced, multi-faceted and most importantly ‘affordable’. The new iPhone is just $199 (with strings … Continue reading

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And now ….. Nanoblogging!

Stumbled upon this post by Josh Lowensohn which talks about a new service in town….Adocu It’s a Twitter clone. There’s no 140 character limit, but spaces are not allowed, you have to fit everything in one word like “whatingodsnameisthis”. They … Continue reading

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Mobile Social Networking on the rise

In a previous post Social Networking and the Mobile Phone, I had written about the values mobile phone brings to a social network. Social networking, by definition, is about people that want to keep in touch with their friends and … Continue reading

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Why We Tweet – What value does Twitter bring on personal and business front

When I first came across Twitter, I couldn’t understand it. So I can put 140 characters on a web site to tell the world what I am doing at the moment… Who cares? And why would I want to know … Continue reading

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