And now ….. Nanoblogging!

Stumbled upon this post by Josh Lowensohn which talks about a new service in town….Adocu

It’s a Twitter clone. There’s no 140 character limit, but spaces are not allowed, you have to fit everything in one word like “whatingodsnameisthis”.

They call it Nanoblogging.

I’m a bit skeptical about this but then I was skeptical about Twitter as well and look how it turned out. I think I’ll wait around to see if a community builds and go from there.

Couple of voices from Twitterverse

bloggi no, nanoblogging seems to be stretching things a bit too far

lgr I understand what they are trying to do. Don’t know if I would use it, but I did not like Twitter at first

codyrobert I kinda agree with @lgr Didn’t like twitter to start. But really, one word? Would work in chamorro lang.

martinpolley no-it-does-not-people-will-just-use-hyphens-instead-of-spaces-wonder-if-theres-a-character-limit?

sachendra @martinpolly there’s no character limit. I am a bit skeptical but look at how twitter turned out. Its hard to say anything

martinpolley @sachendra Your last sentence is very appropriate -“It’s hard to say anything.” Exactly 🙂

What do you think?


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5 Responses to And now ….. Nanoblogging!

  1. Anand C K Shashidhar says:

    Nothing in the world can be Generalized… not even this sentence 🙂

  2. @Anand Even if we do use it the way they mentioned like “whatingodsnameisthis” it compromises the ability to read, you’d have to spend time deciphering the words and mentally inserting spaces……. Usability people!!!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Remember how instant messaging has the away message so you can tell people your snoozing, working or what not. Well that’s the real idea behind adocu. We wanted to make a platform where you could post a quick usually one word message that says what your doing. I’m not a fan of all the attempts to use it just like twitter by changing the spaces to other characters, so we’ve added new rules to stop most of this by only allowing alphanumeric posts. The community is already 750+ users strong with thousands of status updates and it’s only been around for 3 days. Maybe when the community starts moving towards real one word updates we will remove some of the restrictions.

    We hope to keep it adocu’s service fun and simple and we’re working hard on improvements so check back for new features(email updates and an API should be soon).

    Thank you,

  4. @Jonathan Thanks for stopping by and for letting us know the idea behind adoku.

    I’ll keep an eye out for updates.

  5. It is hard to say anything.
    Good point!!

    Next step Femtoblogging… just one character…
    It might work in China though…

    Sachendra, good and funny post!

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