Mobile is quickly becoming a lifestyle assistant

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Mobile phone is not just a mere communication tool anymore. With advancements in technology and lowering costs, new generation mobile phones are highly advanced, multi-faceted and most importantly ‘affordable’. The new iPhone is just $199 (with strings attached, of course). These new age devices are quickly becoming a ‘must have’ to complement our contemporary lifestyle.

My Blackberry has become central to just about everything that I do. Here’s how it enables my lifestyle.


  • RSS – I use a RSS feed reader that brings all the information I care about right on my phone and I can read and respond to whenever, wherever (via the desktop-class mobile browser)
  • Email – My Gmail comes directly on the phone
  • Weather – Weather updates are pushed to the device
  • Bookmarks – I can bookmark the web-pages I like on


  • Music – My phone is the central storage location for my huge personal music collection. I connect it to my car stereo and to my home theater system when I don’t want to plug-in the ear-buds.
  • Games – It gives me my daily dose of Sudoku (new puzzles updated daily)
  • Videos – Not big on videos but do watch Youtube from time to time
  • Camera – I can take high quality pictures and videos from the phone. No need to lug around an additional camera/camcorder anymore


  • Office email
  • Calender
  • To-do list

Social networking

  • Facebook – I have a Facebook application on the phone via which I can get updates and post messages and pics. It’s integrated with the phone so I can upload any image on a web page or the device directly to Facebook.
  • Twitter – I use Twitterberry for my Twitter addiction
  • Flickr – I can view my Flickr photos on the phone and upload the ones I take from my camera.
  • LinkedIn – I get all responses to my questions in Gmail  (which is pushed on the phone) and questions to categories I like pop-up in the RSS feed reader which I can answer via the phone itself.

This is just the beginning

And we’re just starting off. With concepts like LBS, Local Search, NFC and VoIP maturing quickly, the mobile phone is going to become even more interesting very soon.

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