Finally… Phonebook gets social


I have always believed that mobile phone is the best platform for socializing because the Phonebook already contains all the contacts that you care about, now you might go on binges and vampire bites with your 1000+ contacts on Facebook or MySpace, but those in your Phonebook (and email contact list) are the one’s that really matter.

I believe the best (or widely accepted) mobile social network will be the one which will integrate with the mobile’s Phonebook. I’m glad to see advances are being made in this area by Zyb. What’s important is that it needs to support the phones that my friends use, till then it’s of no use to me. Good news is that guys at Zyb understand this and support the widest range of phones that I’ve seen either directly or via 3rd parties.

Here are a few things Zyb enables:

Where are you

If your friends allow their location to be visible to you, it points them out on a map. It also shows a list of friends near you

What are you up to

Shows your friends’ Twitter and Facebook status. Also shows your Flickr photo updates and blog updates among other things. There’s even an icon that indicates if someone’s available, busy etc

What’s your new number

If your friends change their number or Avatar pic, it’s automatically updated in your ZYB phonebook

This is good, but I want more…

Now if only this could be integrated with the native phonebook on the mobile, and if someone could merge this with my email contacts so I have “one” device independent contact list 🙂

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8 Responses to Finally… Phonebook gets social

  1. I will take a look at Zyb. But what you say YOU want is also what I want! And it isn’t MobileMe, which in syncing my contacts tried to put 16,000 names on my phone without merging and purging.

  2. Christian Laroche says:

    Thanks for this. installed it. Pretty nifty. Good on Zyb for selling to Vodafone as well.

  3. @Francine – I believe we’re moving in the right direction. Google’s Jaiku is also making some efforts on this front, and with Vodafone and Android’s clout, an integrated contact list may not be that far away.

    @Christian – Glad you liked it as well

  4. Dukeswharf says:

    How are you guys who are using the Zyb service finding it?


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  6. Dukeswharf,

    I have liked what the service offers very much.

    However, I do mind paying $40 for the 3rd party client that I need to download on my Blackberry so I’ve limited myself to the trial version and waiting for Zyb to either build a client of its own or persuade the 3rd party vendors to make the price more reasonable.

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