My first lunar eclipse


I grew up with stories of staying away from eclipse as they harmful in some way, and even though I knew there was no substance to it as I grew up, I couldn’t get myself to break the unwritten rule. As my son turns 4 this would have been his first lunar eclipse and I didn’t want him shackled by the stupid chains as myself. I threw convention aside grabbed a camera, and took my wife and son to watch our first lunar eclipse… it was spectacular.

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2 Responses to My first lunar eclipse

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  2. Sachendra, I grew up in the west where no one believes in Astrologer but became very interested in Vedic Science and studied Jyotish, and learned about the effects of eclipses. In 2007 I travelled through Tamil Nadu and visited many Shiva temples. On the way home I sat next to an Indian computer scientist traveling to Las Vegas for a conference. He asked what I was doing in India and when I told him he was surprised that I believed in all this “superstition”. West meets East in strange ways sometimes 🙂

    Guy from HFI

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