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Social User Experience with the Facebook Phone

There are quite a few rumors flying around about Facebook and HTC teaming up to build a new “social” smartphone named “Buffy” with Facebook services deeply integrated in a modified version of Android. Facebook has declined to comment on the … Continue reading

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Google Search should fear Facebook Social Web

For over a decade, Google has became synonymous with Search. Webmasters swore by Google page rankings because most of their traffic comes from Google. However, there has been a paradigm shift after Facebook introduced their Open Graph in April 2010 which attempts to … Continue reading

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Facebook should build a mobile phone

There was news in Techcrunch that Facebook is building it’s own phone with a quick denial by Facebook saying they are not building their own phone but are working on tighter integration with phone platforms like Android, Symbian etc. I … Continue reading

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Photo sharing: Facebook leads Flickr by a long margin

Flickr had been the leading Photo sharing site for quite a while but off late it’s been trumped by Facebook. Flickr adds about 3 million photos every day as opposed to Facebook which adds around 30 million photos every day. … Continue reading

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Can Indian social networking sites survive?

With international favorites like Facebook, Orkut (yes, it’s back) and MySpace gaining traction in Indian markets, it’ll be really difficult for the “me too” websites with a “follow the leader” mentality to hold out in this space. In a product … Continue reading

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