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Google Search should fear Facebook Social Web

For over a decade, Google has became synonymous with Search. Webmasters swore by Google page rankings because most of their traffic comes from Google. However, there has been a paradigm shift after Facebook introduced their Open Graph in April 2010 which attempts to … Continue reading

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Email 2.0: Google Wave solves the “See comments inline” problem

Image by marketingfacts via Flickr Google Wave is a new model for communication and collaboration on the web. The biggest problem it solves is that you no longer have to reply to someone by saying “See comments inline” copying and … Continue reading

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Google’s Browser is targeted at Windows, not other browsers (LinkedIn Responses)

In a previous post, I had opined that Google’s Chrome is targeted at Windows, not IE. I had posted this question on LinkedIn to get a feel from people in the community and received several thought provoking insights. Here are some of the … Continue reading

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Google Chrome Strategy: V8+Gears vs. Silverlight

In all this hullabullo over Chrome, it’s a delight to come across voices that see through the clutter. Came across one such voice in a comment on Chrome by Josh Jonte Chrome, by Google’s own admission, borrowed heavily from Mozilla. Google … Continue reading

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Google’s Chrome is aimed at Windows, not IE

In my previous post I had talked about Microsoft finally coming up with a worthy reply to Firefox with IE 8. I guess I published that post a tad bit early because Google launched Chrome in the next 12 hours. … Continue reading

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iPhone Killer will not be a phone

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown Ever since iPhone’s launch there’s been a lot of flurry over the iPhone Killer, there’ve been plenty of Top 10 iPhone Killers lists. Every time a flagship product is launched or announced from leading handset … Continue reading

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Mobile is quickly becoming a lifestyle assistant

Image via Wikipedia Mobile phone is not just a mere communication tool anymore. With advancements in technology and lowering costs, new generation mobile phones are highly advanced, multi-faceted and most importantly ‘affordable’. The new iPhone is just $199 (with strings … Continue reading

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