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Near Field Communication (NFC) will make our daily lives better

Recent developments around near field communication (NFC) have the blogoshpere buzzing. The top three mobile platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 are rumored to be preparing to support NFC. According to a recent study, one third of iPhone users … Continue reading

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Designing for Mobile: Mobile Web Vs Native Apps

There’s a big debate out there on this topic but there’s no silver bullet. Mobile web and native apps offer different benefits and serve different audiences. You need to look at what experience your app needs to deliver? What you … Continue reading

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Google Search should fear Facebook Social Web

For over a decade, Google has became synonymous with Search. Webmasters swore by Google page rankings because most of their traffic comes from Google. However, there has been a paradigm shift after Facebook introduced their Open Graph in April 2010 which attempts to … Continue reading

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Netbooks lead the way on how we’ll be using our mobile phones in the near future

Netbooks are set to revolutionize the mega-trend “Cloud computing” sweeping the technology landscape. Based on some findings released by ThinkFree based on a survey they conducted, Netbooks are mainly being used for for business, entertainment and communication. Another survey noted … Continue reading

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Firefox brings its biggest strength to its mobile browser… Extensions

The great thing about extensions is that they allow you to customize your browsing experience to suit your particular needs. What it really brings to the table for the browser is an ecosystem of developers and users around it, giving … Continue reading

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Confluence of Mobile, PC, TV and Cinema

Andrew Grill talks about mobile as the fourth screen as depicted in a Nokia Ad 1st screen = cinema 2nd screen = TV 3rd screen = internet 4th screen = mobile What I’m waiting for is the confluence of these … Continue reading

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Google Chrome Strategy: V8+Gears vs. Silverlight

In all this hullabullo over Chrome, it’s a delight to come across voices that see through the clutter. Came across one such voice in a comment on Chrome by Josh Jonte Chrome, by Google’s own admission, borrowed heavily from Mozilla. Google … Continue reading

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