Getting What You Want From Phone Companies

Telecommunication companies are massive corporations that try to pride themselves in customer service. When you really think about it though, these corporations are a virtual monopoly on the way we use smartphones, access the mobile Internet, and transfer ideas to our friends via social networks. Sometimes it can feel like these companies have a stranglehold over our social lives with their long contracts and endless rolls of red tape.

If you have a shoddy phone, can’t get service in a certain area, or have trouble running the apps on your smartphone, then you shouldn’t have to suffer with it. Device manufacturers like LG phones, tablets, and work devices are meant to be productive devices for their users and not a hindrance on performance. Here are some things you can do if you are experiencing technical difficulties with your phone or provider.

Be Assertive

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with a large phone company is the endless amount of bureaucracy you must deal with in order to get what you want. Customer service hotlines are set up to lull you into complacency and make you cooperative. If you want to get a new phone to replace your old one, then make your demands known upfront. Sounding weak and passive to a service rep will make them want to go through the pre-scripted motions with you and get the best deal for them.

Do Your Research

Walking into a phone store unprepared could lead to a possible disaster. You will find yourself having to negotiate with sales staff and being uninformed could set you up with a phone or plan that you want nothing to do with. Visit websites, talk to friends, and conduct practical research before even setting foot in the retail phone store.

Politeness Never Hurts

The sales reps and customer service hotline people are always faced with rude and ignorant people everyday they work. If you treat the employees of these establishments with the basic human decency they deserve, you will find that they have a lot of leverage in getting you the things that you want. This rule should be applied to anyone working in the service industry.

Turn to a Third Party

If all else fails on your quest to get a new phone, contract, or upgrade, you need to take your business elsewhere. If you want to the latest model of a phone and your company won’t allow it, go to sites like eBay and Amazon to find the best deals on refurbished phones. If your contract is getting you down, try to terminate it and go with a prepaid phone option instead.

When dealing with these companies just remember that they have a lot at stake in terms of proper customer service. If you want something bad enough they will often give it to you; no questions asked.


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