6 Responses to What I want from ‘Local Search’ on my mobile

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  3. Benedikt says:

    Sachendra, thanks for your comment on my blog.

    You made a good point that dynamic data (or as I would put it: relevance in the here and now) is what will make local search especially interesting.

    But IMO it’s not only about local search – all LBS should take advantage of this relevance (e.g. location-based social networks showing me contacts that are close and available now).

    One example I just came across, where local search takes into consideration the most basic information of a business, namely opening time, is http://www.geospot.com/.

    Check out the interesting discussion that evolved at http://www.lewebmobile.com/2008/06/do-humans-really-need-location-based.html .

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  5. Benedikt, I agree LBS will make life easier on a lot of fronts. I’ve covered how it can be used in Mobile Social Networks in my post “What I want from my Mobile Social Network”


  6. 20th century Newton says:

    I agree to what Andrew has defined the Local Search as. There are 3 key components to a local search- 1) Being aware of the location, so called “location aware”. 2) Having accessibility and presentability across access media-voice/sms/wap/client, 3) Strong location information (orcourse with geo tagging).

    For being location aware, the user needs to have a GPS device or the search provider maintains the database of cell ID mapped to the approximate location (similar to something what google is doing to capture the non GPS device users). As a search service provider, no one can do more than maintaining this database. Extreme case, service provider can ask for the location of interest to the user

    Presentability on various access media is the real challenge, a typical example will be if I want to show the entire address, contact number etc on a sms response, how many sms will a user receive? Ideally on small screen device if the top 6 results are not helping the user, the interest is lost.For a given search result of interest- Similay results and Show everything closeby should solve the purpose. Prensentability of such things on maps adds to the complexity, certain features like pics, download video, click to call , save as biz card etc definitely creates value.
    Another key aspect of presentation is arranging the results as per the user preference, but this intelligence can’t be acquired over night and preference vary from user to user. Not every user will be interested in discounts (I may be a brand loyal user).

    Location information/database is anyway must to serve the best results. But I dont think anything is specific to mobile devices here.

    What all will I need on local search:
    Results will are arranged in context which is arranged as per likings
    Have options of search neary by- similar things and everything
    Get driving directions. from and to a particular listing
    Show them on map
    seamless access on all the access media so that my experince remains the same
    I am a developer, it let me build applications around the local search
    Ease of contacting listing
    Real time information about events associated with the listing…

    Honestly there is no end to the wish list. its good to have basic application for search and let the developers & add up what ever they want to develop and distribute.

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