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Is Social TV the next big megatrend

MIT Technology Review named Social TV as one of the 10 most important emerging technologies that will change the world. It supports communication and social interaction in the context of either watching TV or related to TV content, harnessing relationships we already … Continue reading

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Google Search should fear Facebook Social Web

For over a decade, Google has became synonymous with Search. Webmasters swore by Google page rankings because most of their traffic comes from Google. However, there has been a paradigm shift after Facebook introduced their Open Graph in April 2010 which attempts to … Continue reading

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Facebook should build a mobile phone

There was news in Techcrunch that Facebook is building it’s own phone with a quick denial by Facebook saying they are not building their own phone but are working on tighter integration with phone platforms like Android, Symbian etc. I … Continue reading

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User Acceptance is the biggest challenge for Location Based Services (LBS)

The promise of LBS is providing useful information and services at right place and right time using demographic, contextual and location awareness via the mobile. Primary applications are mostly in advertising, navigation and social networking. LBS applications have garnered the … Continue reading

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Finally… Phonebook gets social

I have always believed that mobile phone is the best platform for socializing because the Phonebook already contains all the contacts that you care about, now you might go on binges and vampire bites with your 1000+ contacts on Facebook … Continue reading

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