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Designing for Mobile: Mobile Web Vs Native Apps

There’s a big debate out there on this topic but there’s no silver bullet. Mobile web and native apps offer different benefits and serve different audiences. You need to look at what experience your app needs to deliver? What you … Continue reading

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Confluence of Mobile, PC, TV and Cinema

Andrew Grill talks about mobile as the fourth screen as depicted in a Nokia Ad 1st screen = cinema 2nd screen = TV 3rd screen = internet 4th screen = mobile What I’m waiting for is the confluence of these … Continue reading

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Add context to your photos with Geotagging

Image via Wikipedia Geotagging lets you add geographic information, such as latitude and longitude as indicated by the integrated GPS system, to any digital content — from pictures and videos to news articles and blog posts . So when you … Continue reading

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Has Social Media changed the rules of the game

Jay Deragon wrote an interesting piece. He compares Social Media to Autobahn where there are no rules for speeding, you could actually cause an accident if you drove slow, which is against the socially accepted norm of driving within the … Continue reading

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Emerging Trends in the Mobile Web

In 2001, the phone could connect to the web via WAP. Limited content, reach, connectivity and speed issues marred the WAPscape. By 2008, Mobile Web use is growing faster than ever, as noted in this post by ReadWriteWeb, Wireless devices … Continue reading

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