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Nokia on Patterns of Human Interaction: Nokia’s solution is no game changer

Nokia’s design team led by Marko Ahtisaari has been working to simplify navigation model and provide users with a more easily glanceable device. Their solution, let the user access the last 3 recent apps by swiping right. I disagree with … Continue reading

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Nokia in big trouble in featurephone market as well

Nokia seems to be in big trouble in the featurephone market as well with Android price points pushing down drastically. Take a look at this comparison, Nokia is pricing it’s featurephone which is non-touch, has no app ecosystem and much … Continue reading

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The delicate art of balancing commercial imperative and user experience

I chanced upon this great presentation by Priya Prakash, Creative Director for Consumer Experience at Nokia. She talks about one of the toughest topics facing designers: how to strike a balance between the commercial imperative of revenue generation techniques and … Continue reading

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Carnival of the Mobilists #162

Welcome to the 162th edition of the Carnival, hosted for the first time here at Technology, Mobility, Usability and other Musings. This has been a busy week for mobilists thanks to Mobile World Congress that concluded recently. Surprisingly, not many … Continue reading

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A look at Nokia’s Comes with Music

Image by Dekuwa via Flickr Comes With Music is a newly launched Nokia service which includes music from the top record companies with its handsets for a flat upfront fee. It’s Nokia’s attempt to slowly get into the Apple-dominated music … Continue reading

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Confluence of Mobile, PC, TV and Cinema

Andrew Grill talks about mobile as the fourth screen as depicted in a Nokia Ad 1st screen = cinema 2nd screen = TV 3rd screen = internet 4th screen = mobile What I’m waiting for is the confluence of these … Continue reading

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iPhone Killer will not be a phone

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown Ever since iPhone’s launch there’s been a lot of flurry over the iPhone Killer, there’ve been plenty of Top 10 iPhone Killers lists. Every time a flagship product is launched or announced from leading handset … Continue reading

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