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Touch screen on mobiles is the new black, but will it overshadow the keypad

  iPhone’s success has sent all the handset manufacturer’s scurrying to come up with a touch screen device of their own. We have seen touch screen devices being launched by all major players, even RIM which is mostly in the … Continue reading

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A look at Nokia’s Comes with Music

Image by Dekuwa via Flickr Comes With Music is a newly launched Nokia service which includes music from the top record companies with its handsets for a flat upfront fee. It’s Nokia’s attempt to slowly get into the Apple-dominated music … Continue reading

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Google Chrome Strategy: V8+Gears vs. Silverlight

In all this hullabullo over Chrome, it’s a delight to come across voices that see through the clutter. Came across one such voice in a comment on Chrome by Josh Jonte Chrome, by Google’s own admission, borrowed heavily from Mozilla. Google … Continue reading

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Google’s Chrome is aimed at Windows, not IE

In my previous post I had talked about Microsoft finally coming up with a worthy reply to Firefox with IE 8. I guess I published that post a tad bit early because Google launched Chrome in the next 12 hours. … Continue reading

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Design for User “Delight”

Don’t focus on technology and features. Focus on the experience you want to create, and build a system that gets you there. A concept reinforced by the success of iPod and iPhone where the major differentiators are in the user … Continue reading

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