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Why isn’t Voice-based UI mainstream?

There’s a very interesting discussion this topic on IXDA. I have summarized the main reasons below Social Imagine 4 people in a small office all talking to their computers every 2 seconds to say “new window….scroll down… stop…up… select file….”. … Continue reading

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Why haven’t Video Calls (Mobile Video Telephony) taken off?

Image via Wikipedia It was supposed to be the next big thing but it seems to have fizzled out like MMS. It failed in many 3G-enabled countries that deployed it. Gartner’s consumer mobile hype cycle (July 2007) claims that wireless … Continue reading

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User Experience is a larger concept than Usability

Usability is sometimes contrasted with user experience, and although usability certainly overlaps with user experience, they are not quite the same thing. Usability is a part of the big picture that is overall user experience. Thomas Baekdal has written a … Continue reading

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Easy is good but it is not enough

Usability is marginalized in many organizations owing to time constraints, lack of a clear definition, ignorance and more. But the greatest obstacle to usability is that too many decision makers aren’t interested in it. A study of marketing directors by e-consultancy found … Continue reading

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