Unique features in new Windows Phone 7 Mango

Windows Phone 7 introduced more than 500 features in its Mango version. Here’s a look at what’s unique as opposed to Android and iPhone.

  1. SkyDrive support(including shared folders)
  2. Internet Explorer 9
  3. Twitter integration
  4. Xbox LIVE Avatar accessories
  5. Kinect integration
  6. Skype
  7. Over-the-air podcasts
  8. Silverlight + XNA
  9. Improved panorama and pivot controls
  10. Live Agents
  11. Deep Links
  12. Multiple live tiles per app
  13. Power management (Battery Saver)
  14. Parental controls(including M-rated titles)
  15. Pinnable email folders
  16. Server search
  17. Lync
  18. Hidden Wi-Fi networks
  19. App Connect(formerly Search Extras)
  20. Quick Cards
  21. Local Scout
  22. Indoor maps
  23. Photo translation
  24. Contact communication history
  25. LinkedIn integration
  26. Calendar integration with Facebook Events
  27. People tags
  28. Updated mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
  29. Multiple file formats on SkyDrive, including PDF
  30. Instant access to Bing under device lock
  31. Emoticons
  32. Photo auto-fix
  33. Related artists
  34. Xbox LIVE friends list
  35. Xbox LIVE messages
  36. Command bar integrated in all hubs, includes search button
  37. Microsoft Office for Mobile updated to v14.5
  38. Zune HD-like shutdown experience
  39. Animated Pictures Hub tile
  40. Recent games list
  41. Talking caller ID
  42. Fast Async
  43. Avatar Awardables
  44. Pin photo albums to start
  45. Review photos under lock
  46. Photosynth(possibly as an app)
  47. Windows Live Messenger / Facebook Chat
  48. Colored tiles for Office documents
  49. Support for additional languages
  50. Office 365 support
  51. Smart DJ
  52. Multiple calendars for Windows Live and Exchange accounts
  53. Music and video streaming from SkyDrive
  54. NFC Support

About Sachendra Yadav

Mobilist and Social Media enthusiast
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