The Smartphone Apps you use reveal your personality

appitypeThe type of apps you install on your Smartphone can give away lots about your personality, a Cornell University study has found. The apps you add to your Smartphone, from games to stock tickers, can tag you as one of these “appitypes,” says Trevor Pinch, professor of science and technology studies.

“With so many apps available, people can pick the ones most relevant to them,“ Pinch said. “The intimacy we share with our phones stamps our personality onto them. They know our tastes, our needs and even our secrets. If you ever want to really know someone, take a look at their apps – you may be in for a surprise!”

Pinch concluded that survey data on app usage from 5,000 Smartphone users in 10 countries could be used to create “appitypes” to help define user profiles. He concluded that app downloaders generally fall into one of six categories:


Those who search out and downloaded the latest apps. They are often trendsetters and know what’s hot and what’s not. They are energetic, passionate, curious, spontaneous and social creatures. They enjoy being involved in many different kinds of pursuits.

Apps they use
Apps that allow input text on screen faster, apps for personalized SMS tones

Typical occupations include
IT, Sales, Finance


They favor organization and management smartphone apps for streamlining their lives. They are hard working, energetic and productive. They have a lot of contacts, are tech savvy, and know how to make their technology serve them best.

Apps they use
Search tools that allow quick access to information, calendar widgets, apps that facilitate business and travel

Typical occupations include
Presidents, Business leaders, Administrators, Teachers

5424783028_e8071e7426_mLive Wires

Live Wires are active, down-to-earth people who enjoy technical, outdoor and athletic pursuits. Clever and investigative, they’re sociable, have lots of friends and often seek new experiences and adventure, relishing any challenge.

Apps they use
They are reliable and productive and this is reflected in their downloads, which tend to be a mix of health, fitness, social and travel related apps.

Typical occupations include
Athletes, Travel industry, Police Officers


These are creative and imaginative. The creator may be a loner or a team player, but when they socialize they often find themselves the life of the party. A natural storyteller, they will not only rely on the creative capabilities of their mobile but often use social networking sites.

They are up on the latest trends and their creative spirit often drives them to bright colored phones, illustrating that they are fun and open minded.

Apps they use
Apps that allow easy access to video and images, chatting tools, apps that allow experimentation with music and pics including remixes etc., music, puzzles etc.

Typical occupations include
Entertainers, Artists, Musicians, Designers, Authors


Personable, confident and curious, they have a motivating personality. They have an uplifting and motivating personality with a knack for making friends and acquaintances in the online or real world.

They have a collection of apps that they use again and again – often carrying fun apps on their phone and apps that may be useful to others. They occasionally download free apps and their app catalog could do with a refresh

Apps they use
Apps to stay connected all the time, instant messaging tools and some regular games

Typical occupations include
Entrepreneurs, Public Relations, Advertising


They appear to be shy, but are not so. They’re inquisitive and clever with a solid circle of friends and a select group of passionate pursuits.

Apprentices are interested in downloading apps but don’t know where to start. Don’t be fooled by their shy appearance. There is a wild side just waiting to get out!

Apps they use
Apps that allow access to all social networking sites from one place, weather, calculation apps, travel companion apps

Typical occupations include
Homemaker, Nurse, Scientist, Librarian, Researcher, Chef

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Choice of smartphone apps helps define your computing style, research finds
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