The delicate art of balancing commercial imperative and user experience

I chanced upon this great presentation by Priya Prakash, Creative Director for Consumer Experience at Nokia. She talks about one of the toughest topics facing designers: how to strike a balance between the commercial imperative of revenue generation techniques and the quality of user experience.

What’s the customer’s perception of value?

Value for money is a perception, or to put it more simply, a feeling. It is the state of mind that a customer has.

The old method of “more features – more value” is not relevant anymore. As per a BBC study, people only use a small percentage of features and are baffled by overflow of features

HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericson all make phones on Android platform, but it’s the value perception that they create by enhancing the User Experience using their UI frameworks on top of Android like HTC “Sense”, Moto Blur and Sony’s Rachel UI that differentiate them from each other. The feature-set is (almost) the same but the user experience is different.

Insight – The value perceived is how you create the story – “the consume model” in the minds of the user


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