What makes a mobile phone tick?

Isn’t this the million dollar question… although there are no straight answers, here are two important factors to consider while designing phones (or any product for that matter)

  • Ensure the phone’s features are integrated with each other while maintaining ease of use in a meaningful way. It’s not about cramming more features, it’s about making those features work together to support a lifestyle. The buying decision comes down to the buyer’s perceived expectation of how well the phone will fulfill certain tasks. In other words, how well does a phone fit into the life of a consumer?
  • Buying decisions are mostly driven by emotions, and we then use our intellect to add reasons and defend our emotional decision. Finding out these emotions is very important.

About Sachendra Yadav

Mobilist and Social Media enthusiast
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4 Responses to What makes a mobile phone tick?

  1. mrbgo says:

    The blog was very helpful….

  2. Thanks for the kind words mrbgo

  3. Phil Barrett says:

    I totally agree – and think very soon it will become less and less about the hardware and more about the software and it’s integration of features + usability

  4. Yes Phil, once the OS and platform standardization that’s underway gets completed, even the 3rd party developers will need to spend less time on the myriad of customizations they have to handle nowadays and will be able to focus more on the user experience. With the access to native features/services opening up to 3rd party developers in Android, LiMO and Symbian we’re up for some really exciting and integrated experiences.

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