Carnival of the Mobilists #162

Welcome to the 162th edition of the Carnival, hosted for the first time here at Technology, Mobility, Usability and other Musings.

This has been a busy week for mobilists thanks to Mobile World Congress that concluded recently. Surprisingly, not many posts covering MWC have come up, I guess we’ll see them next week after people have had some time to put their thoughts together.

This has been a varied week covering a range of topics. So, let us begin, shall we?

Market Watch

Watch MobileFrom Communities Dominate Brands, Tomi talks about 3G penetration statistics marking a trend that indicates 3G’s success in any region it’s launched in.

Thomas Menguy of Vision Mobile looks at three hardware related Nokia PR at MWC and shows how those announcements fits within the new Nokia strategy.

Barbara Ballard over at Little Springs Design looks at device developments at MWC indicating a strong focus on Touch. I completely agree with her insights about the Touch interface. Touch is sexy, she muses, provides some nice interaction possibilities. It also shuts down some interaction possibilities. And makes other stuff harder.

Challenges for new mobile technology

Steven from Little Springs Design talks about challenges for emerging mobile technology, biggest one being the delay between getting a new technology to market and getting it well-adopted. I nominate this as my Post of the Week.

Designing for Mobile

Fuseideas Mobile SiteBookmarking sites on mobile is a big issue. James Cooper of mjelly gives a couple of examples of sites using a new approach to encourage users to bookmark them.

Aaron Chua highlights three shortcomings of current mobile ebook applications and gives suggestions on how to overcome them.

Holly from mobienthusiast talks about Sonic Mobile as a good example of a well-designed mobile site.


Mark Hooft at his Ubiquitous Thoughts gives a great roundup of Mobile Learning 2009 Conference.

Pics from MWC

Lastly, mtrends founder Rudy De Waele posts pics of events in Barcelona, check it out if you’d like to see the faces behind the many mobilists around.

On Rudy’s behalf, I would like invite all mobilists and participants who have pictures of the Mobile Peer Awards event to join the Flickr Group and upload their pictures too – Anyone can join!

Next Week

That’s it for this week folks, hope you’ve enjoyed it. Head over to GoldenSwamp for next week’s roundup of the best in mobile blogging.


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