iPhone Killer will not be a phone

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Ever since iPhone’s launch there’s been a lot of flurry over the iPhone Killer, there’ve been plenty of Top 10 iPhone Killers lists. Every time a flagship product is launched or announced from leading handset manufacturers it’s touted to be the iPhone Killer.

Unlike Motorola’s RAZR, iPhone will not be killed by another phone, simply because it’s not just a phone, it’s a platform with a kick-ass phone at the center and an ecosystem around it where developers can easily create and publish applications and users can easily download and use them. This is unprecedented in the mobile industry, never before has creation and distribution of applications been so simple. As Techcrunch’s Andy Merrett puts it

The beauty of the iPhone is that you can add a collection of applications that uniquely identify you, and help you do the things you want when mobile

True competition to iPhone will not come from another phone but from another platform like Google’s Android or Nokia’s Open Symbian.

GigaOm captures the essence of this paradigm shift really well

In this platform game, the winner is going to be the one that can attract the most developers

And develpors love iPhone because it takes the operator out of the picture and gives them a platform where user engagement is 50 times more than any other platform because of the amazing user experience. Over 60 million iPhone apps were downloaded within one month of iPhone 3G’s launch, that’s a huge number to contend with.

Not that others don’t realize this, Google’s Android Developer Challenge was aimed at luring developers to their platform. With 14 phones shipped every second, Nokia’s hard to ignore by developers due to sheer numbers, and although it has floundered a very big opportunity in the past it’s bound to come back with a vengeance with it’s Ovi strategy. Not to be outdone, Samsung plans it’s own Ovi type strategy.

We’re in for some very interesting times. What do you think?

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12 Responses to iPhone Killer will not be a phone

  1. harry says:

    Yes I agree with you totally on this one!

  2. Berg says:

    iphone is quite handy to use but amazed to see that there is no bluetooth facility.

  3. Urheber says:

    🙂 nice
    but Apple is Apple, its the image !!

  4. Mohtashim says:

    Hi Sachendra ,

    I completely agree with you.

    I have a question, Why iPhone is so popular ? If i am not wrong then Ground breaking vibrant touch interface and application capability are USPs. But these attributes are already existing in the industry. Other mobile makers are also coming up with new interface technologies like HTC TouchFLO™ 3D and Samsung’s touch UI on Windows. Similarly developer have been creating applications on Symbian for long time. Then why their platform is not better then iPhone’s.

    Could you provide a competitive analysis of iPhone Platform with its rivals.

  5. Mohatsim,

    You’re talking about features of a phone. The design is definitely a big part of iPhone’s success, but just like iPod before it, just the design is not the only reason for its success. Like I mentioned in the post, iPhone is not just a phone but an ecosystem. So comparing phone features will not lead us to any answers. It’s the complete package that counts. Symbian did allow for applications but phones and delivery mechanisms sucks. Like I said in the post “never before has creation and distribution of applications been so simple” and to add to this the iPhone interface which is a delight to use.

  6. YNki says:

    Iphone is very good phone but seem to be a little slow for me sometimes 😦

  7. Mohtashim says:

    Would like to share an interesting article by ‘Michael Mace’ on App Store and APIs


  8. Thanks for sharing the link Mohtashim

  9. Jake says:

    I think we can learn a lot about marketing from Apple, they may not have the greatest products but they sure have managed to turn their brand around from what it was in the 1990’s.

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  11. Yeah we agree… its image made by the marketer…
    See also the review at

  12. Peter says:

    Agreed with our point totally. More to that its Internet Application Services are just fab. , too good.

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