Add context to your photos with Geotagging

A map of Earth showing lines of latitude (horizontally) and longitude (vertically). The lines are a grid, a method for dividing and containing recorded cartographical data. The land masses and oceans are cartographical data in a raw content (pictorial graphical) format. The text is in an alphanumerical symbolic raw content format.

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Geotagging lets you add geographic information, such as latitude and longitude as indicated by the integrated GPS system, to any digital content — from pictures and videos to news articles and blog posts . So when you take a picture/video or post a blog your location is also saved. Then you can overlay that information on services like Google Maps, and see where you’ve been.

According to Chadha, Sirf’s vice president of marketing

A location stamp is much more important than a time stamp in most cases. A year down the road, you have no idea where those pictures were taken and no way to search for location.

What’s wonderful is the ease of use, it’s not something I have to think about, the phone (or digital camera) automatically embeds the GPS coordinates.

I believe what Geotagging’s really about is bringing the virtual community to the physical world, walking with a GPS phone down a street past a church in Goa, I can bring up geo-tagged blogs that have been left by people who have passed that same place some time before me, or when planning a visit I can choose the sites based on the pictures people have taken on location which pop right up in the map itself.

We’re already seeing it making inroads in Phones and mobile applications.  Apple’s new iPhone 2.0 supports it and other major handset manufacturer’s like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung have introduced phones with Geotagging capability. On the applications side Shozu the popular App that lets you transfer pictures, videos and also post blog entries has it built-in.

If your phone doesn’t support Geotagging, Wired has a great article that explains how you can Geotag your photos from desktop or the web.

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  3. nick says:

    rrgXNk hi! hice site!

  4. Nick, thanks for the kind words

  5. Thanks for the great article. I want to point you towards Grazer (, a freeware App that synchronizes your GPX files with your images and tags them according to the timestamp match. I think this might be interesting to some of your readers.

    Marcelo Emmerich

  6. Thanks for sharing the link Marcelo

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