Has Social Media changed the rules of the game

Jay Deragon wrote an interesting piece. He compares Social Media to Autobahn where there are no rules for speeding, you could actually cause an accident if you drove slow, which is against the socially accepted norm of driving within the speed limit and slow is good.

Is The Social Web Like the Autobahn?

In many ways yes. For businesses, marketers and individuals the first mental shift is recognizing that the old rules of the game will not enable you to play the new game. Here is a top ten list of how the game and subsequent unspoken rules have changed:

1. Marketing and PR spin is considered anti-social
2. Being wrong is accepted as long as you admit it
3. Your revenue comes from “Free”
4. If you don’t understand the dynamics don’t engage until you do
5. Doing the wrong things can cost you more than you ever anticipated.
6. Doing things right enables you to earn more than you can predict
7. Empowering people (your customers, employees, suppliers and market) to win is how you win
8. The mindset of the game players is win win
9. The playing field has no boundaries
10. The game time is web time which is never ending cycles of now

One last very important and critical rule. People don’t like playing your game

What do you think?


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2 Responses to Has Social Media changed the rules of the game

  1. Aaron says:

    I have to agree with most of the points but it’s nothing like the autobahn 🙂 Blogging or commenting sure isn’t anything like driving…both are fun, both make one feel alive (or lucky to be alive sometimes) but there are definite boundaries on any highway and no one I know has died blogging (yet).

    Anyway, the points made for the most part, removing my literal interpretations, are good. Empowerment and win-win are certainly the benefits of the social web…keeping the conversation going with like-minded people and connecting with people you would never have met otherwise a powerful force for sure.

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