Improve your Twitter Experience with these Tools

TwitterI had mentioned in a previous post about how Twitter’s popularity is spawning support systems around it. With the mind-boggling number of Tools out there and more being launched everyday, I decided to list some essential tools which would really help improve your Twitter experience.

Twhirl – The best, most ultimate PC client out there. An easy to use interface and nifty features like URL shortner and constant updates make it a must have. They recently added support for FriendFeed as well.

Slandr – If you want to tweet from your mobile browser, this is a must have. ReadWriteWeb calls it the Best (non iPhone) Mobile Twitter App Available and highlights the key features.

“Slandr takes full advantage of the Twitter API, as far as I can tell. You can view replies and direct messages with a link, though not in the timeline as some other clients allow. You can do a Twitter search using the fantastic service Summize, something that Hahlo lets you do on the iPhone as well. You can also edit your location field in Slandr”

TwitterBerry – If you own a Blackberry, this is a must have. Check out a well balanced review by Michael Armstrong


Quotably – Best tool out there for tracking conversations. It reformats Twitter messages into threaded conversations by looking at the replies. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch calls it The Perfect Tool To Make Sense Of Twitter

Summize – Performs real-time search on Twitter posts and it is FAST. I consider it the best Twitter search engine as of today. They recently added “local search”, say you want to see what’s in Hyderabad, in terms of Twitter activity, just open their advanced page and put Hyderabad in Places and get what people are twittering about over there.

Blog Assist
TwitterFeed – This one’s for the bloggers. Posts your blog updates to your Twitter account. It has a number of useful options like the ability to prefix RSS tweets with some text to identify them as Blog posts or auto-feeds. Great tool for keeping your followers up to date.

Sharing Links (Updated – 26th May)
Twitthat – It posts the link of the web-page you’re on to the Twitter. Very useful for sharing links. It also has a personal page that collects links you share. Just type id here],and wallah!

That’s all for now, but given the rate at which new and improved Twitter tools are being launched, I might need to revisit this list 2 months from now.

Happy Twiterring!


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9 Responses to Improve your Twitter Experience with these Tools

  1. Phil Barrett says:

    Thanks for the great summary! I’m on an iphone and the best twitter client i’ve come across so far is twinkle – it adds location and pictures to your tweets.

    i also reviewed it here:

  2. sachendra says:

    @Phil: Saw your post, great review. And I’m green with envy 😉 TwitterBerry’s great but doesn’t even come near twinkle. I hope similar clients will be available for Java enabled phones soon.

  3. Sharon says:

    That’s a great roundup. I’ve been experimenting with Twitter clients, but Twhirl looks the best one to me.

  4. David Long says:

    Sachendra – thanks for responding to my question LinkedIn, this is a great summary and I’m definitely going to go and play with Quotably.

  5. LGR says:

    I had never heard of Slandr. It might be just the thing I was looking for to use on my mobile.

  6. Pingback: conversion tool

  7. jazz316 says:

    You might want to take a look at Twitterdoodle. This WP plugin allows you to automatically create regular keyword/keyword phrase mashup posts on a regular basis.

    More info:

  8. leezl says:

    I’d just like to add another twitter app to the mix. Check out feedalizr (, it’s also an Adobe Air app. Has full Twitter client support and great filtering when your Twitter stream gets too noisy.

  9. leezl,

    Thanks for sharing

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