What does Web 2.0 mean?

Stumbled upon this interesting response to a question posted on LinkedIn

“It is really hard to define exactly what Web 2.0 is about, isn’t it? It can be about creating online content or about social applications or about collaboration or about AJAX or about reusing existing services in order to create brand new services. That’s why I call it the bag of unrelated concepts. Just because someone wants to call them Web 2.0 doesn’t suddenly make them related. Web 2.0 is nothing technical, it’s just a marketing spectacle. If anything, we should concentrate on service orientation with Web Services or creating richer Web clients with AJAX (which is another hype generator at the moment) or blogging or using Wikipedia without calling them Web 2.0. They already have names.

* Web 2.0 is about making things simpler.
* It is a step away from a thick client world to a thin client world.
* It is a step away from being techy & geeky to being more universally accessible.
* its about using the web to do things that you used to use your computer to do. ( Gmail, flikr, blogger)
* Its key enabler is widespread availability of broadband.
* The proximate driver of web2.0 is companies trying (still) to figure out how to make money from the web
* The strategic driver is to deliver services via the web to make it more attractive to non-technical people.

This means providing services that are, to the layman

– easy to use (delicious is, GMail is not, Skype is)
– easy to understand (GMail is, delicious is not, Skype is, kinda, RSS is completely incomprehensible)
– COMPELLING FOR NON-TECHIES (Gmail is not, delicious is definitely not, Skype is possibly, RSS may be if it can be integrated more seamlessly)

Gmail, Delicious, digg, blogger, flikr, are all steps in these directions.”

So what does Web 2.0 mean to you?


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One Response to What does Web 2.0 mean?

  1. ankur gupta says:

    i used to think as Orkut, facebook and MSN spaces as representatives of web 2.0……

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